4000 hours of counselling!!

I’m delighted to have reached another landmark in my counselling practice!

That’s 4000 hours of working with clients with hopefully many more to come. Thank you for your comments and referrals, this would not have been possible without that level of support. Thank you and now I’m looking forward to 5000……….

New line up in Huntly!

Bit of a change going on in the Huntly office….welcome to Debbie Mair of Breast Cancer Now who joined us at the start of the month!

The new look is:

Mondays and Friday – Ian Innes Counselling

Tuesdays – Duality Counselling, Letitia Craig

Wednesdays and Thursdays – Breast Cancer Now, Debbie Mair

If you are looking for office space, please get in touch as I may be able to help and for only £30 per day!!!

Spaces Available Soon!

Please Share, you never know who you might be able to reach and help without even knowing 🙂

It is good to talk…I have some spaces available soon in Huntly and in Buckie.

To arrange a session just drop me a message, call or text 07867 475438 or email me on ian@ianinnescounselling.co.uk


Office space for a small business is now available every Friday in Huntly!

Message me for more details but this is a cost effective way of having your own, fully furnished, serviced office space within a secure complex with 24/7 access for an all-inclusive £30 per day and no strings attached.

Let me know if you’d like to take up this quite unique opportunity. Best wishes, Ian 😁

Latest News!

I’m delighted to welcome Rhoda from Yogazone to the team in Huntly!

Rhoda is teaching yoga 1 to 1 and starts soon. She is taking bookings now though! Please contact her on 07980 376765 or via her Facebook page Yogazone if you want to get into yoga or return to yoga and have 1 to 1 sessions!

If you are looking for help via Counselling please contact Letitia Craig at Duality Counselling via her Facebook page or on 07717 135395 or email letitiacraig@gmail.com
Or you could contact me via this page or on 07867 475438. My website is ianinnescounselling.co.uk

If it’s Hypnotherapy you are looking for then please contact Keith Dean Hypnotherapy via his page or on 07850 520738 or email keithdean@keithdeanhypnotherapy.com. His website is https://keithdeanhypnotherapy.com/

The Huntly Office now looks like this:
Monday – Keith Dean Hypnotherapy
Tuesday – Duality Counselling
Wednesday – Ian Innes Counselling
Thursday – Yogazone
Friday – Keith Dean Hypnotherapy

Have a good weekend!

“I felt a load being lifted off my shoulders”

Hiya everybody, I hope you are all coping with the ever-changing landscape that we find ourselves in.

I am still available via online or telephone counselling and I got the kindest comments from a client, DG, that I saw predominantly online via Zoom.

Thank you DG for your generous feedback but please remember that you did a lot of hard work in between each of your sessions and deserve as much credit as you are giving me.

DG wrote “Ian is a very good listener and enabled me to feel relaxed enough at each session to allow me to freely express how I was feeling. Following each session I felt a load being lifted off my shoulders. I also learned a lot about myself over the weeks of counselling and I now feel a lot more relaxed and confident about myself. I know 100% that I would not be feeling like this without the counselling from Ian. Thank you”

If you are struggling to cope with things, please get in touch and take the first step to feeling better like DG did.

Covid19 and Counselling

Covid19 and Counselling – Why struggle on your own?
These are very challenging and stressful times for some folk and certainly different and strange times for almost everyone.
However, social distancing doesn’t mean you cant get help through these times. Every counsellor I know is working online and working remotely. This means that counsellors are there, ready to help you if you contact them.I know it may be difficult to get privacy for online counselling sessions but another perspective is that you are getting help in the comfort of your own home or safe place via your mobile phone, iPad or tablet. Online counselling means your counsellor doesn’t have to be a local one, they can simply be the one that seems right for you.You can find a counsellor in a few minutes by using any search engine or by looking up http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk and going through the profiles to find the right person for you, or by searching on http://www.cosca.org.uk/
Counsellors will use Zoom, Signal, or any video call platform that is safe and none of these platforms cost anything to use.
I know it’s hard to take the first step to get help but it’s harder to continue on your own without getting help.

Please think about this – If you change nothing, nothing changes.
Take care and stay safe



Hiya, just a quick update from me to say that I’m still available for counselling sessions for new clients as well as existing ones. If you are struggling with anything that I can help with (not toilet roll!) then simply get in touch.

As it stands, for the next few months I’ll be working from home in Portknockie four days a week and in my office in Huntly on Wednesdays. Due to the precautions necessary to minimise the effect of Covid-19 I’m also available via Skype for clients who’d prefer to stay at home. I’m being vigilant and ensuring anything that any of my clients come in contact with is sanitised before the client arrives and after they leave.

I intend to continue using this routine until another one is recommended.

Hopefully this will help with any questions anyone might have had regarding my practice.

Best wishes