Covid19 and Counselling

Covid19 and Counselling – Why struggle on your own?
These are very challenging and stressful times for some folk and certainly different and strange times for almost everyone.
However, social distancing doesn’t mean you cant get help through these times. Every counsellor I know is working online and working remotely. This means that counsellors are there, ready to help you if you contact them.I know it may be difficult to get privacy for online counselling sessions but another perspective is that you are getting help in the comfort of your own home or safe place via your mobile phone, iPad or tablet. Online counselling means your counsellor doesn’t have to be a local one, they can simply be the one that seems right for you.You can find a counsellor in a few minutes by using any search engine or by looking up and going through the profiles to find the right person for you, or by searching on
Counsellors will use Zoom, Signal, or any video call platform that is safe and none of these platforms cost anything to use.
I know it’s hard to take the first step to get help but it’s harder to continue on your own without getting help.

Please think about this – If you change nothing, nothing changes.
Take care and stay safe