“I felt a load being lifted off my shoulders”

Hiya everybody, I hope you are all coping with the ever-changing landscape that we find ourselves in.

I am still available via online or telephone counselling and I got the kindest comments from a client, DG, that I saw predominantly online via Zoom.

Thank you DG for your generous feedback but please remember that you did a lot of hard work in between each of your sessions and deserve as much credit as you are giving me.

DG wrote “Ian is a very good listener and enabled me to feel relaxed enough at each session to allow me to freely express how I was feeling. Following each session I felt a load being lifted off my shoulders. I also learned a lot about myself over the weeks of counselling and I now feel a lot more relaxed and confident about myself. I know 100% that I would not be feeling like this without the counselling from Ian. Thank you”

If you are struggling to cope with things, please get in touch and take the first step to feeling better like DG did.