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“helped me through some tough issues which seemed insurmountable”

Trine writes, “Ian put me at ease from day one – he is supportive, non-judgemental and highly competent. He helped me work through some tough issues which seemed insurmountable at the time. I now feel equipped to face future issues, but reassured also that he is there to help, should I need him again.
First class counsellor – highly recommend!”


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“I felt so safe….”

Rhys Thomson writes, “I felt so safe saying everything about my problems and I cannot thank Ian enough for listening to me.”

Rhys Thomson 22/05/2024

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“space to explore and reason with things that had been holding me back”

Alan writes, “The level of professionalism, patience and support from Ian has been incredible. At times the conversations were deeply personal and hard to accept and process. The strategies Ian suggested were beneficial in helping me understand my problems and make sense of how I make adjustments and improvements to my situation. You only get out of the sessions what you are willing to put in and Ian is there every step of the way to make that happen in a calm and safe environment. The relationships take time, but there isn’t anything I don’t think I could talk to Ian about. The relationship was trusting, safe and respectful.
Ian displayed empathy and understanding and at all times I never felt I was being judged, but listened to and accepted. Ian asked questions that made me think, gave me exercises and, where appropriate, some reading to develop my thoughts whilst giving me the space to explore and reason with things that had been holding me back. You don’t get answers to things, as it should be, but I felt supported and gently challenged to find out the answers for myself.
If you are willing to work hard, Ian will work as hard with you. Ian was able to build a professional relationship with me that meant I had the tools and skills to make the most of the sessions and feel I was making sufficient progress.
I would recommend Ian to anyone who is in need of counselling support.”

Alan 19/05/2024

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“I was in a very dark place…”

L.E. writes, “Went to Ian when I was in a very dark place, felt I was trying to keep my head above water.
Over the weeks with facing my worries and talking things through I have got my life back.
Also loved the meditation.”

L.E. 15/05/2024

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“having concerns with my child’s continuing worries and anxiety”

EB wrote “I contacted Ian after having concerns over my child’s continuing worries and anxiety. From the off, Ian put a plan in place and started to get to work and find the cause of the issues. He showed methods in which to deal with the worries when they came to a head and how to eliminate them. After just 6 sessions, we could all see how much of a positive change in our child’s behaviour and eating. She is now in a much more confident state, finishing meals and able to deal with any small worries herself! I am so glad that we reached out to counselling before it became a bigger issue all together.”

EB 12/05/2024

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“I finally just got to dump all of my worries…”

A.M. writes, “He really helped me view things from new perspectives, and he made it very easy for me to trust him with my deepest issues. I finally just got to dump all of my worries onto somebody and it made my moods improve so much. Thank you.”

A.M. 08/05/2024

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“Helped me feel relaxed…”

Alan wrote “Ian was helpful, patient, helped me. Gave me advice when I needed it. He was friendly when I met him each session and when I left too. He was polite too and good for a bit of banter. He was confident but not cocky. He didn’t speak rubbish. Helped me feel relaxed and at ease.”

Alam 05/05/2024

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“I had never spoken to a counsellor before….”

“After a year struggling with a traumatic event I decided I need some help and contacted Ian. I just couldn’t get over a ‘hump’ and had panic attacks, sleepless nights, high blood pressure and anxiety. I had never spoken to a counsellor before but slowly and steadily I regained my confidence in myself. There were no blame games just a positive way of putting life in perspective. I am much more content in myself and sleep well and no more panic attacks.”


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“I was at a complete dead end…..”

“My daughter has always been an overthinker but anxiety set in and after continually reassuring and supporting best I could I was at a complete dead end. After seeing the difference in another of Ian’s clients I reached out and we’ve not looked back.
We now have strategies in place if we feel a wobble coming on and most importantly we have out bubbly little girl back. We are so grateful and can’t thank Ian enough :)”



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“I was able to cope without anti-depressants”

Euan Matthew writes, “I came across Ian’s page when I was going through a very rough break up. Ian tight me ways to solve all the problems I couldn’t figure out on my own. After a short amount of time I was able to cope without anti-depressants, and I was told that I could reduce my sessions to fortnightly. Ian has proven to me that clients come first. I now no longer require counselling and I am coping on my own.”

Euan Matthew 01/03/2024

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“Helped him cope with online bullying”

A young client’s mum was kind enough to write this, “Thank you for seeing him so quickly. The sessions really helped him cope with the online bullying and we would not hesitate in recommending you or coming back should he need it.”


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“Benefited my health enormously both mentally and physically”

Recent feedback from a client “Ian was very easy to talk to, helped me in a number of areas which I never thought I’d be able to overcome.

He built my self-confidence up which helped greatly to deal with potentially life changing circumstances.

With my mind sorted out, it has benefited my health enormously both mentally and physically. I’d recommend Ian to anyone”


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“Helped me with my anxiety”

“Ian has really helped me with my anxiety. He supported me from being in such a low place and helped me to be more confident and able to cope”


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“So glad I reached out….”

CT writes this soon after their last session “So glad I reached out to Ian after my daughter seeing him. I was so stuck in a rut with my lifestyle that it was affecting our whole family life but after sessions with Ian we’ve never been so happy 🙂

I have now accepted it’s okay not to be “Super Mum”. Also having a bottle of wine is not the answer to a stressful day. I can’t thank Ian enough”

CT 02/02/2024

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“I was scared about talking and opening up….”

CJ writes “I was struggling very much, even though I was lucky enough to have the support of my family.

Ian was recommended, however I was sacred about talking and opening up to a complete stranger. After my first call with Ian I felt different. Ian is beyond understanding. His methods and explanations about your fears / demons is exceptional. He provides exercises to help you cope and get through the hard times. Like anything, it requires effort on your behalf, I was completely open with Ian and he made me feel so comfortable speaking about different things.

The truth is, Ian has turned my life round, I use his exercises on a daily basis. i cannot speak more highly of this man”

CJ 26/01/2024

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“I feel like a completely different person”

“I have just completed seven sessions with Ian and I feel like a completely different person. Ian’s approach and his way of putting you at ease helped to allow me to openly discuss the challenges I faced, to put a new perspective on it and find new ways of dealing with the situation.


Moving forwards I am better placed to deal with stressful situations and feel better in myself as a result” DM

DM 25/08/2023

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“very helpful”

“Ian was very helpful with the methods he gave to help me. I used them a lot and it helped me overcome most of the problems. Ian is also very nice to talk to about anything, he is a very good listener and remembers a lot”

Holly 18/08/2023

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“Feel comfortable and safe”

“From the onset, Ian made Dylan feel comfortable and safe. Ian had a great way of engaging with Dylan during sessions that were tailored to his age and stage.



During the sessions, Dylan progressed from having separation anxieties and worries about school, to happily walking through the gate with confidence and a smile of his face!”

Dylan 11/08/2023

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“I was at my lowest point as a mum trying to help my daughter….”

Thanks to CT for these words…..
“I was at my lowest point as a mum trying to help my daughter with her anxiety. So after Ian being recommended by a few people I decided to get in contact and immediately felt happier with how quick he replied and seen us.
After the 1st session I noticed a change in my daughter and she shown such improvement after seeing him as she felt such at ease talking to him.
I, now since finished, have even had my daughters friends mums telling me the difference in her which is absolutely amazing. The difference Ian has made to our home life is amazing.” CT

CT 07/07/2023

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“helped me through a tough patch….”

Thanks to J Bohill for these words….
“Ian helped me through a tough patch in which I felt pretty pointless and would see myself as a failure. We looked at daily habits, talked through why I was feeling that way and together came up with some tools and ways to manage / stop those overwhelming feelings.
I will continue with these tools and know that if I need Ian I can come back.
Thank you! You made such a difference.” J Bohill

J Bohill 30/06/2023

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“I was able to open my heart…”

Thanks to D for these words….
“In my time spent with Ian, I found a great relief to express my misgivings and have a person who was willing to listen to me with patience and understanding. Because of this, I was able to open my heart, knowing I could thrust this person.
I believe my being able to express my feelings and bringing them out in the open helped me to look at things in a different way. I will always be grateful to Ian that I was able to get over this and look forward to a different attitude in my life.” D

D 23/06/2023

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“Talking was such a relief….”

Thanks to N for these words……
“Initially Ian came across quite ‘matter of fact’ which on hindsight was the correct way to deal with someone who is unsure/insecure in their own thoughts. After a couple of sessions I warmed to his ability to coax me into letting loose my anxiety, this had the effect of lightening the (imaginary) load pressing down on my shoulders. He is not pushy nor dos he put words into your mouth., he managed to encourage me to talk out. Talking was such a relief, we all hold on to those negative thoughts and feelings, getting them out there aided by Ian is what helped me.
I’m not implying I’m free of any negativity but being aware and almost knowing how to handle this is such a relief.” N

N 16/06/2023

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“I was very nervous about going…”

“Ian made me feel very comfortable. I was very nervous about going to counselling and he made it very easy. I was able to just relax and he helped me a lot.
If anyone was struggling with anything at all, big or small, I wouldn’t hesitate in going to se Ian” JG

JG 15/01/2023

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“Life-changing positive impact”

“Ian is professional, warm, friendly and his insights have been highly helpful to us.
The difference from when we started seeing Ian to now vast; he’s really helped us on our journey.
The support that he gave us allowed us to make decisions which have had life-changing positive impacts on us and our family” E & H

E & H 08/01/2023

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I’m really glad I went!

“Ian really managed to open my mind up to new thought processes that helped me see issues from a different perspective. Very easy to talk to and he opens up with things too, making the whole process much more comfortable to go through. I’m really glad I went! I’m definitely in a better place to be able to rationally and objectively look at an issue and not to be affected by it as much now.” R.C.

R.C. 08/11/2022

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Somebody who understands and offers support……

“I have been very grateful for every counselling session I have had. They have helped me a lot when I was really distressed, about things going on just now, but also things in the past. It has been good for me to have somebody who understands, and offers support, as well as wisdom, certain phrases such as radiators and drains for example.” Anon

Anon 29/10/2022

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My 7 year old…..feeling anxious

“After the lockdowns my 7 year old became unwilling to go anywhere without feeling anxious. I tried to reassure her myself but didn’t feel anything was helping. I saw Ian’s page on Facebook and approached him after reading some reviews.
Initially Ian could tell how I was feeling so we got an appointment very quick. At the appointment he made us both feel at ease and after 6 sessions we got through all her worries and now in a better place.
I would thoroughly recommend Ian to my friends and family” Anon


Anon 21/10/2022

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“Sessions were step by step and at my pace”

Fancy becoming a counsellor? 🙂
Thank to this client for their very generous comments about their experience of counselling….
“Ian provided me with a safe haven during a time when I struggled to focus going forward. He listened, was non-judgemental, very patient and I regained my strength to feel at ease during sessions.
Sessions were step by step, no pressure and at my pace. Ian showed empathy, understanding and true compassion throughout. I left sessions assured I’d been taken seriously, something I’d struggled to attain with other services. Ian’s professionalism and support provided me with a positive focus to allow me to finally move forward.
His work is carried out in an impeccable manner and would, without doubt, highly recommend x”
If you are interested in how to become a counsellor, please drop me a message and I’ll help you. There is a course starting in Elgin very soon that covers all of the basics and more.


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“begun to learn my own worth…..”

Fancy becoming a counsellor? 🙂
Thank you to F.B. for this heartfelt feedback….
“I was feeling overwhelmed in my life and came to a point when I realised I needed help. I reached out to Ian and it has been the best things I have done for Me.
I really didn’t know what to expect but counselling really provided me with a non judgemental safe pace to talk honestly (finally) about everything. I really have begun to learn my own worth and to realise I have no control how other treated me but I do have control over how I deal with it.”
If you are interested in how to become a counsellor, please drop me a message and I’ll help you. There is a course starting in Elgin in a few weeks that covers all of the basics and more.

FB 19/08/2022

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“Soon put at ease”

Fancy becoming a counsellor? 🙂
Thank you to A.S. for this great feedback….
“Had several meetings with Ian, was very apprehensive at first. but soon put at ease and started to open up regarding my situation.
Talking certainly helped me and without me noticing I was opening up to Ian and discussing things at length. Questions were asked in the proper way and at the right time, and again discussed fully.
Mostly the counselling was about me helping myself by realising what went wrong and how to get myself back on an even playing field.
Would fully recommend Ian with no hesitation”
If you are interested in how to become a counsellor, please drop me a message and I’ll help you. There is a course starting in Elgin in a few weeks that covers all of the basics and more.

AS 12/08/2022

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Fancy becoming a counsellor? 🙂
I got this from a client recently….”Would recommend Ian Innes Counselling as was overwhelmed at the start of this year but contacted Ian and together, in a relaxed environment away from everything, started to look at things from a different perspective and put in place ideas how to cope and move forward”
If you are interested in how to become a counsellor, please drop me a message and I’ll help you. There is a course starting in Elgin in a few weeks that covers all of the basics and more.


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“I am in a much better place…..”

“Ian was very warm and calm from day one. He greatly helped me get to the bottom of some of the issues going on in my life. I am in a much better place now because of his help.” HB

HB 17/05/2022

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“feel like I was in a safe place….”

“Ian has most definitely changed my outlook on life. Having lost my mum and struggling to deal with it and family life, Ian has managed to teach me how to deal with situations that life throws at you. Ian made me feel like I was in a safe place and he didn’t judge me on anything I said. Ian is incredibly warm and welcoming and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I wouldn’t think twice about going back to see him again if need be. Thank you again Ian!”

GR 10/05/2022

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“Kept talking myself out of it…..”

“Counselling was something I’d thought about for a while but I kept talking myself out of it. I finally decided I needed to reach out to someone after aspects of my life were starting to get on top of me. Ian was very kind and patient throughout all of my sessions and I felt at ease talking about my situation. I felt a huge relief after a few sessions and I know I’d made the right decision. Ian gave me the tools to help deal with anxiety and being relied on so much by a parent. Thank you Ian” KS

KS 11/02/2022

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“He helped me a lot with stuff….”

“He helped me a lot with stuff and he is very nice and good to talk with and would definitely recommend if you are looking for a counsellor and he is easy to talk to and made me feel at ease. The Zoom calls were easy. He changed the way I thought about things” by Anon

Anon 23/01/2022

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“very patient and helpful…”

“Can not recommend Ian enough. Had weekly sessions with him over the last few months and he has been very helpful and patient. Thank You Ian!!” by Anon

Anon 16/01/2022

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“I was totally amazed….”

“When I first started seeing Ian I wasn’t at all sure it would help. I was totally amazed on my progress using monthly reviews, by just asking the same questions. I never really noticed that I rated each question differently after seeing Ian for a few months. My progress was so clear when he showed me in a graph. Wasn’t always going in the direction that I may have wished for but seeing it made me feel good 🙂” by Ann Herd.

Ann Herd 09/01/2022

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“I was made to feel comfortable….”

“When I first started seeing Ian, I didn’t think anything would help. From our very first session I found out I was wrong. I was made to feel comfortable instantly and made very aware that I was in a safe and trusting environment. Thank you very much Ian. Couldn’t recommend you enough!” by AP

AP 02/01/2022

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“I had lost two people very close to me.”

“I feel so very lucky Ian was recommended to me as I can honestly say he changed my life for the better. I had lost two people very close to me in a very short period both suddenly. Covid and grief are not a great mix. With his patience, intelligence and ability to listen and see the emotions I feel I can finally be happy again. The tools and mechanisms he gives you are so valuable and stick with you. Thanks Ian” JM

Well done to JM for wholeheartedly committing to her sessions and for all the hard work you did in between sessions. Thank you for these very generous comments. All the best for you and your family in the future.

JM 18/07/2021

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“I wasn’t in a good place when I started counselling…”

“I wasn’t in a good place when I started counselling, both in terms of work and home life, and taking that first step wasn’t easy but i am so glad that I did. Over the weeks and months talking with Ian, things have regained perspective and, more importantly, I learned how to manage situations far better and how to avoid the downwards spiral. Ian helped me see things differently from the insular and, to be honest, sad and pessimistic way I that had viewed them previously. It’s only really as I look back over the whole period that I see the extent of the journey I’ve been on and what I’ve achieved. None of that would have been possible without Ian’s support and endlessly empathetic approach. Taking the first step is hard but it is worth it in the long run and Ian is a great counsellor to have on that journey.” PR

Thank you to PR for this feedback. This shows that when you are brave enough to take the first step, then it is possible to turn things around and look at things from a more positive perspective.

PR 11/07/2021

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“Thank you so much”

Emma writes, “I learned that it was okay if I wasn’t ‘perfect’ all the time and that I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself. Also that I’m capable of whatever I put my mind to and that I should believe in myself more. I’ll always appreciate all the help and support Ian gave me and I can’t recommend him more. Thank you so much.”


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“Absolutely brilliant”

“Absolutely brilliant.Had 11 sessions with Ian. After every session I came away having learned something about myself. His advice and guidance really drove me and inspired me to make positive life changes and have a brighter outlook.Ian is so approachable that opening up became easy and really helped my process”

MM 20/06/2021

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“Allowed me to cope….”

Thank you very much for this feedback from a young client….

“Counselling with Ian was a highly beneficial experience for me, it allowed me to cope better with my life and understand specific issues I have faced. I fully recommend him”.


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“To ask for help has not been an easy decision….”

Wow!! Thank you to E.M. for this amazing review!…..

“To ask for help has not been an easy decision to make as I am normally a very independent person and the first person to help others.But after hearing devastating news, my family and friends advised me to find someone to help as they said I had changed into someone who was angry all the time and had lost my sense of humour. A lovely friend gave me a name and phone number. It took a few weeks to pluck up the courage to get in contact but thank goodness I did. That’s when Ian enters my life.He made me feel at ease with myself and safe. You have to trust someone before you can open up about your life and problems within your life and Ian did that. He was very easy to talk to, made me look into myself and made sense of the past to help me deal with the future whatever it throws at me, to ask for help from friends or family, they are there to help. I am surrounded by love and people who care for me, Ian showed me this, I just had to open my eyes”.

E.M. 23/05/2021

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“helped me find my strength”

Thank you to E.L. for these words…..

“Counselling sessions with Ian helped me find my strength and to have belief in myself”

E.L. 09/05/2021

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“Helped me immensely…”

Thank you RG for this feedback….

“Really good time spent with Ian. Helped me immensely, very nice meetings with Ian, can highly recommend Ian. Everything was great”.

RG 06/05/2021

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“I was nervous to start counselling…”

Thank you to KH for taking time out of their busy schedule to write this feedback about how counselling had an impact on them.

“I was nervous to start counselling as I was worried about what would happen and how it would affect me. Ian made me feel at ease and I found him very easy to talk to. The counselling has made a massive improvement to my & my families lives. I would recommend that this is something everyone should do and with Ian as your guide it is a much easier experience.”

KH 28/02/2021

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“a safe, welcoming place for me”

Thank you very much to MH for their feedback after their counselling sessions. They took the brave step of seeking help through medication after years of struggling with depression.

MC writes “If, like me, you have struggled with anxiety and depression, then please get in touch with Ian. In his role as counsellor he is thoughtful, knowledgeable and very approachable, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He provided a safe, welcoming space for me to talk about my worries, thoughts and experiences. He was then excellent at providing useful strategies to help me understand why I felt the way I did. After coping with depression, and being on anti-depressants for many years, I finally feel like I am beginning to understand myself and move, and Ian’s guidance has been a huge part of this.”

As MH’s counsellor I simply provided the space and conditions necessary for him to talk through their issues. This is what counsellors do so if you feel you want to talk through things then counselling will do you no harm.


default image

“I nearly never went…..”

Amazing feedback about how counselling can affect us!

Thank you to MC for the feedback, for taking the difficult steps and for being so brave with what you discussed in your sessions.

MC wrote “I found Ian very easy to talk to from the very first session. I almost never went but I am so glad I did. It was so good to finally deal with my problems and to keep looking forwards. It really was a life changing experience for me.”

MC 19/02/2021

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“Non judgemental, supportive and patient”

Thank to to this client who was sure about the strength of counselling until they tried it. Thank you for you feedback, I really appreciate it.

“I found Ian to be non judgemental, supportive and patient. I used to be a skeptic about counselling but I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have done. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unhappy – I would definitely recommend”.

Anon 19/02/2021

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“The hardest step to take is always the first”

Thank you to Ian P for sending in this testimonial. He feels the benefit of counselling after taking the first, hardest step.

He writes, “The hardest step to take is always the first. I know that I had no idea how much positive benefit there was with getting in touch with Ian, but over weeks of talking together, it is the best thing I have done in years. Ian doesn’t judge, or make the process of help anything other than positive. He gave me tools for putting things in perspective and to get good things from it. If anyone is even considering counselling, i would recommend Ian in a heartbeat”.

Ian P 19/02/2021

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“I always felt extremely comfortable”

Thank to this client for their really generous words. I’m glad that they found counselling a help in finding themselves again. Reflecting on their sessions, they wrote “Ian was fantastic during my time at counselling. I always felt comfortable and managed to express myself with my troubles and worries. I feel back to myself again thanks to Ian and would highly recommend him if you ever want that extra bit of help and someone to talk to or listen to you. Thank you Ian, you are great!”

Anon 19/02/2021

default image

“you never judged me…”

Angela sent me this feedback recently which I am very grateful for. Thank you for your kind words.
Angela wrote “I found the sessions really helpful as I was able to look at things differently as you never judged me and, in a gentle way, guided me along giving me confidence to change what was needed and accept what could not be changed, giving me a way to be able to live with those things.”

Angela 19/02/2021

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“Ian didn’t ‘fix’ my problems”

“When i first spoke with Ian (it had taken a lot of self-pushing) I felt that my ‘issue’ was due to a certain reason. I hoped he would tell me what to do to make myself feel ‘normal’ again but he didn’t (much to my disgust😊) Instead what he did was offer a safe judgement-free space to explore why I felt what I felt. Most importantly, for me anyway, Ian didn’t ‘fix’ my problems/issues. Instead he taught me my feelings are justified, allowed and also how to work through them. Would highly recommend Ian to anyone.”

Thank you to this client who now knows, from personal experience, that counsellors don’t ‘fix’ problems, they create a safe, non-judgemental space and regular time to enable the client to work through their problems themselves. That’s how it works!

Anon 19/02/2021

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“A way to empty my frustrations.”

Thank you to Connor St for his very kind words that he wrote after his counselling sessions.

Connor wrote “Before I first started counselling, I had a lot of pressure from issues past and present that I didn’t know how to get out of my head. However, after starting to speak to Ian, I felt like I now had a way to empty my frustrations. I am very grateful for him during my four month time with him, and I happily recommend anyone who has mental problems and anxiety issues to speak about them with him.”

Connor St 14/12/2020

default image

“I now feel I could cope with most things…”

Thank you to KC for the very generous feedback below. This client went through their issues rather than continue to try to get over their issues. It was a pleasure to work with KC and all credit goes to them for their endurance and determination to get to a better place.

KC wrote, “I only wish I had met Ian earlier in my life but I guess special people come to you when they are most needed.

Ian’s style of counselling put me at ease immediately. I was very low at the time but Ian’s empathic way of dealing with my sorrow helped me overcome my sadness. Throughout our sessions, Ian listened intently and I really felt that he understood my problems by being honest at the same time as very professional.

I really felt that Ian took an interest in my predicament and able to start untangling my muddled thoughts. He shares his knowledge and interacts on a human level with no patronisation or judgement.

Ian is patient, calm, and compassionate with lots of helpful ideas to try. He has helped me challenge my thoughts in order to find a solution and this has given me some tools to get out of recent habits and thoughts which were making me feel stuck in a place which wasn’t conducive to a healthy mind.

I have, with Ian’s help, been able to discover trigger points and find ways of dealing with troublesome ones before a downward spiral takes hold.

I now feel like I could cope with most things that will come my way and be able to be the best me I can be!

I will, however, miss our chats!”

KC 09/08/2020

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“I felt like a failure”

Thank to to this young client for their recent feedback, I really appreciate it.

They wrote, “Being younger than the average patient I felt like a failure for seeking help. Ian soon made me realise that it is better to deal with any issues, no matter how small and stupid they may seem, head on. Instead of carrying them through life. Now I feel like a black cloud above me has disappeared.”

If you feel like you’re under a black cloud then maybe speaking to a counsellor could help you make it disappear.

Anon 31/07/2020

default image

“I can tackle the world again”.

“When I started counselling I wasn’t in a good place. I had lost all perspective on life, especially work. Ian has helped me work through things and now, at the end of my sessions, I’m feeling like I can tackle the world again. I would highly recommend counselling. I’ve learnt to look at things in a different way to save myself overthinking situations. If you have been thinking about counselling it is definitely worthwhile” JG

JG 19/07/2020

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“It really helped me move forwards”

Thank you W.A. for your comments after going through the counselling process and for allowing me to sit opposite you whilst you did.

W.A. wrote “Ian’s counselling sessions were really beneficial for me as they helped me explore my feelings and things that I needed to work through. It really helped me move forwards. So much so that i decided to change my job and see things differently, thank you.”

Take care and stay safe,



default image

“One of the best things I’ve ever done”

I’m counselling online with all of my current clients that can manage using Zoom, Skype and Facetime. If you have something that you want to talk about then maybe counselling could help. You can get help without leaving home. Imagine sitting in your chair with your cup of coffee or tea and maybe a fine piece as well whilst you get help through counselling……

Here’s some ace feedback from a recent client. They found counselling hard to begin with then….well here’s what they wrote.

“Going to counselling and admitting I needed help was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but after a couple of sessions in, I started to realise it wasn’t anything I had though it was like. I felt relaxed and safe very quickly.I would highly recommend Ian to anyone! Having someone to speak to who doesn’t judge and most of all listens makes such a difference. By the end of my sessions I felt like a different person, and counselling ended up being one of the best things I’ve ever done – Thank you!”

Don’t try and fix it yourself, get help and get through it.If you change nothing, nothing changes.

Anon 10/04/2020

default image

“I felt worthless and did not like who I was”

I am very grateful to G.I. for this feedback, I really appreciate it 😊
“I was not in a good place when I first met with Ian for counselling. I felt worthless and did not like who I was.After my counselling, I feel that I am of worth and loved by others, that I was before not allowing them into my life. I would encourage others to use Ian as a counsellor.” G.I.
If you feel you would benefit from counselling then simply get it touch and we’ll take it from there.

G.I. 08/03/2020

default image

“Would highly recommend…”

Thank you GA for this feedback. I really appreciate you getting in touch. 😊
GA wrote “Ian’s empathy and understanding creates a space which makes expressing yourself as easy as possible. Would highly recommend Ian’s counselling to anyone”

GA 16/02/2020

default image

‘I am 100% confident it was a life saver for me’

Ryan sent me this feedback and because I’m aware of his circumstances, it’s blown me away! He put everything into his sessions and it was a privilege for me to sit with him. Ryan is a man who found it hard to talk. If you find it hard to talk, counselling may be the way forward for you, to talk in a safe place.

His comments after counselling are: “As pretty much everyone, initially I was apprehensive about counselling! It takes a gigantic step pushing that door open the first time and beginning talking through issues with some stranger. I am 100% confident it was a life saver for me and also that Ian was the key in that I have never in my life felt so comfortable than in his company emptying my thoughts/issues in a perfect environment. I would not only recommend Ian I would encourage anyone to visit him if need be, you will not regret it!” Ryan O’Neill

Thank you Ryan and all the best for the future.

Ryan O'Neill 09/02/2020

default image

“Space to not be judged”

The effect of person-centred counselling for client ‘HET’ was quite something! The client does the healing, the counsellor provides the place for them to do it. Here’s their feedback……

” “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.” Maryam Hasnaa

Space and time to look within, space to be me, space to not be judged, space to dig deep and acknowledge how much is good when things seem hard to put down.
The time and space has allowed me to do all of this and should I need space again I wouldn’t think twice about returning!”

Thank you HET, I really appreciate this.

HET 26/01/2020

default image

“I am stronger…”

Thank you LB! 😊 I realise appreciate your feedback
After their counselling sessions, LB wrote this,
“I learned to look at the world differently and positively. I realise I was not always responsible for others actions. I am stronger and know exactly who I am now. Thank you so much Ian.”

LB 24/11/2019

default image

“Ian made me feel comfortable…”

CG wrote, “I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who wants to talk about how they feel. Ian made me feel comfortable and it was easy for me to talk about things and people that I was struggling to understand.”
Thank you to CG for this feedback, I do appreciate it and I’m glad that you found counselling helpful.
Well done to CG for all their hard work in between sessions, without which, there may not have been such good outcomes.

CG 17/11/2019

default image

“…which made me feel calm and relaxed…”

A wee whiley after her sessions finished, Angela wrote this and is an example of how a client can work through their own troubles if they are given the right conditions. Angela did the majority of the hard work in between sessions, I just spent an hour or so with her from time to time. Thank you Angela for your great feedback 👍🏼
Angela wrote, “Ian is a genuine listener which made me feel calm and relaxed at one of the most difficult times in my life. As sessions progressed, I was able to recognise issues impact on my emotional well-being. Having the opportunity to talk in a safe space and as time went on I became more self-aware and able to cope with life circumstances. Ian is a great listener and he definitely supported my journey in gaining my confidence and happy self back. Thank you, as I would not be where I am today without your help.”

Angela 10/11/2019

default image

“I always came out feeling so much better…”


Maisie has sent me this feedback and I’m delighted about the impact that counselling had on her. I’m very grateful to her for these very generous words!

Maisie wrote, “After meeting with Ian for the first time, to deal with some personal issues, I could tell straightaway that I was going to gain so much from my counselling sessions. This is because when having to talk about previous experiences that I found upsetting and how they were impacting me, Ian always gave me the confidence to talk them through in order to allow myself to move on and deal with them in a much more positive way. No matter how I went into every session each week feeling, I always came out feeling so much better all because Ian was able to make each session that little bit easier and never failed to make me laugh! I will always be so grateful for the help Ian has given me and would recommend him to anyone who may be considering counselling as he has had nothing but a positive impact on me becoming genuinely happier and getting me back to truly being myself!”

Maisie 02/11/2019

default image

‘Thank you!!!’

😊Thank you to ‘J’! This is great feedback from a client that wasn’t too afraid to look at their issues head on, and then deal with what came up. Well done to ‘J’.


‘J’ says, “After battling with depression for 10 years and hitting a really bad blip in my life a few months ago, I was recommended to come to Ian for counselling. After a lot of tears and some laughs, I feel more like myself than I ever have done before. Ian gave me the confidence to speak out about the things that was dragging me down and to believe in myself a lot more. I honestly can’t thank him enough as my outlook on life has now totally changed. Thank you!!!”.

J 27/10/2019

default image

“For the first time in years, I am truly happy”

Wow! I am really happy that counselling has had this affect on my client.

“I cannot recommend Ian enough! After each session it felt like a weight had been lifted. I had no idea the amount of things I’d been carrying around with me for so many years. Ian helped me deal with these things one by one and see them from a different perspective. I can honestly say, for the first time in years, I am truly happy and now this weight has been lifted from my shoulders its finally allowing me to live life as me and no longer a shadow of who I used to be. I will always be so appreciative to Ian for this. Thank you so much” DH

This client saw how counselling works and applied the process to all of the situations that troubled them. Well done to DH for their constant hard work that helped achieve this outcome.

DH 29/09/2019

default image

“Very easy to talk to”

“You are a good listener, helping me through my problems and you were relatable which was nice to see I wasn’t alone. Very easy to talk to, as the sessions went on and I opened up more I could feel my confidence grow. Thank you.” CG

CG 15/09/2019

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“Thank you so much for your help.”

“Thank you so much for your help. You helped me through a tough time. You made me feel at ease and helped me see some errors in my ways and through painting a picture of a similar scenario, you showed me ways to be a better person. For that I am forever grateful and so happy to have met you” Charles

Very honest feedback from Charles who was able to reflect on how he was compared to how he wanted to be. Well done to him for their hard work and determination to get through this ‘tough time’.

Charles 30/08/2019

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“Ian helps you to think about things that you may not want to”

What a great review from L.E.!! Thank you for this feedback but the difficult work was done by L.E., the client. They were determined to get through their issues rather than hide from them any more. This wasnt an easy journey for them but they stuck with it and got there. It was an honour working with you and being a witness to your progress.

Feedback – “It can take a lot of courage to go and seek help from someone like a counsellor. Whatever the reason may be…. grief, anxiety, depression or relationships issues. You might feel a bit stuck with life decisions or from things in your past. It takes being a bit brave to go and dedication to see it through.
Take that first step and go see Ian…. I did!
Ian is a kind and caring person, a good listener with a lot of patience. Easy to talk to and never judging.
I went to see Ian about my anxiety and how it was affecting my everyday life. I started on a weekly basis, then progressed to once every two weeks until the final session. All-in-all about a year. This of course will be different for everyone.
He was always very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Even when on one occasion I was extremely anxious about our session and was on the verge of a panic attack, Ian helped to calm me by talking quietly, empathising in a gentle way, making me feel safe, giving me the time to relax long enough for the panic to subside.
Each session I came away with lots of different emotions, some weeks happy and some weeks upset. Ian helps you to think about things that you may not want to, he helps you understand why things may be the way they are. Looking back at life events helped me to understand the reasons behind some of my anxieties.
I had a light build moment on the way home one day, near the end of our sessions.
“I am brave, I am strong, this is who I’m meant to be” from the Greatest Showman
Learning to accept who I am, that I am worthy of love from the right people. That I must love myself first and the rest will follow.”

Thank you L.E.!


default image

“I feel more stable and have established my own focus of control.”

Thank you L.H. for this feedback. I am really grateful for your words and wish you all the best as you adjust to the changes that have happened and are happening.
L.H. wrote “I feel more stable and have established my own focus of control. I am more able to deal with unusual or stressful situations. Ian created a safe, secure and confidential environment for me to explore, understand and cope better with longstanding and entrenched issues. His patience and kindness have had a lasting and positive effect on me.”

L.H. 18/08/2019

default image

“Worked wonders for me.”

Thank very much to M.S. for this feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to send this to me and well done with how you faced your issues and worked through them.
“Totally changed my negative mind set to focus more on the positives. Such an easy guy to get along with. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Worked wonders for me. Many thanks.”

M.S. 28/07/2019

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“helping me finally have the courage to make the decisions I needed to…”

Thank you to G for these kind words of feedback…

“My sessions with Ian were vitally important in helping me finally have the courage to make the decisions I needed to take a big step in my life.
It helped me get a lot off my chest, and to make things much clearer in my head. This in turn allowed me to see exactly where I wanted to take my life and change my future for the better.
Ian is an excellent listener, and I instantly felt I could talk to him without being judged. He also had a lot of advice and wise words which helped me to process a lot of things.
I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who is looking for a professional counsellor who not only is academically qualified but has a lot of life and personal experience to bring to sessions which I found very helpful.”

It’s helpful to talk about the things that bother you. If you change nothing, nothing changes……..

G 21/07/2019

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“I take heart from the freedom I feel”

“I cannot recommend Ian highly enough. He is a warm, friendly person with infinite patience and a sharp, sense of humour (where appropriate).

Feeling immediately at ease, it was easy yo talk to him. No matter how difficult some sessions were, he was always very supportive. On these days the dark humour we shared allowed me to enjoy the healing laughter provides. I so looked forward to the sessions and, now that they have come to an end, I take heart from the freedom I feel from all the things weighing me down.

I know without a shadow of a doubt our paths were meant to cross. I will never forget how he has helped me to face a new, exciting future.” E.M.

Thank you E.M. for these very generous comments. The hard work was done by you, the client, in between your sessions with me. The outcome would not have been so significant for you without that hard work.

E.M. 14/07/2019

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“Ian made me feel comfortable”

“Ian made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe environment to be able to open up about traumatic events that occurred and to deal with them by acknowledging them for what they were.
He helped me to realise I am stronger than I had been giving myself credit for. To give me strength to deal with my emotions and has given me the ability to walk away from people/situations that don’t feel right without feeling guilty.”

TM 07/07/2019

default image

“I am a stronger person today…”

“Ian is very welcoming and helps you feel at ease immediately. I felt I had a safe place straight away where I could go to air my problems and difficulties. He showed me a different perspective on those issues which helped me deal and cope with them, and he gave me the support I needed at a difficult time, to move forward and gain courage to make a difference to my life.
I am a stronger person today, than I have ever been, thanks to Ian”
I really am grateful for this very generous feedback. I love my job and love seeing clients reach a better place than when they started their sessions.

Anon 07/07/2019

default image

“Thank you for everything!”

“Ian was professional. Helped me get through things. Relaxed, helped me with my confidence and anxiety.

Thank you for everything!”

E.D. 16/06/2019

default image

“Able to speak about everything”

“After my sessions with Ian I have always felt positive and happy. He made me feel relaxed and able to speak about everything.”

DS 04/06/2019

default image

“Highly recommended”

Nice feedback received from a client recently….Thank you! ☺️
“Great help. Generally nice guy and easy to talk to. Highly recommended for those struggling with mental health”


default image

“helped me deal with and think about other events and ‘issues’ in my life”

I’m delighted with this feedback from KD!

Thank you very much for this, for the work you put into each session and for the work you did in between each session.
Here’s their feedback…
“I came to see Ian regarding a relationship problem, which he was able to help me with but also, at the same time, helped me deal and think about other events and ‘issues’ in my life. From the first session Ian put me at ease and he is down to earth and easy to talk to. Ian has helped make a permanent positive change to my life”. KD
If you feel a need to talk about stuff that you are stuck with then maybe I can help.

KD 07/04/2019

default image

I actually really looked forward to my weekly sessions…






“Having attended multiple sessions with Ian I cannot recommend him enough. He approaches his counselling sessions in such a way I was relaxed and at ease from the very first session. He listened to me and never judged me, allowing me to com out of my comfort zone. This has now allowed me to face many new challenges in my life.

I actually really looked forward to my weekly sessions. Ian had the ability to dispense and anxiety I took into our sessions. He was always very professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking for counselling”. Signed “L”


default image

The sessions have had a positive impact on me….






“I have been attending Ian’s sessions since November, acting on a referral from my GP to address a problem with anxiety. The sessions have had a positive impact on me and my health has benefited as a result. I have found Ian to be a good listener, non-judgemental and empathic, all of which had led me to a stage where I can go forward without his input but in the safe knowledge that I can return to his sessions if my problems return”

Anon 19/02/2019

default image

I always left feeling better within myself






“I was skeptical when first going to these sessions as he was a man but I quickly changed my mind after the first few sessions as his non-judgemental attitude and calm tone made me feel comfortable and confident with what I was disclosing and sharing. He listened to me and what I had to say and I always left feeling better within myself. He has helped me so much in the past year and I finished counselling feeling satisfied and I felt such a difference in myself. Would highly recommend”.

CB 12/02/2019

default image

In the beginning I was quite apprehensive and nervous…






“To be fair in the beginning I was quite apprehensive and nervous. I had tried every other method to cope with my Anxiety, this honestly was the last resort, and by far the best decision I ever made.

Ian was fantastic, non judgemental and very professional. I can’t recommend him enough. i learned so many new skills, some I use often in everyday situations. The biggest lesson was finding the root of the problem and dealing with it and that is just what the sessions provided.

Thank you very much”.

Anon 05/02/2019

default image

I found each and every session cathartic






“I would highly recommend Ian for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they feel they need counselling.

From the very first session I was made to feel at ease and was able to open up.

Although difficult at times, I found each and every session cathartic. Ian helped me get back to me!

Very glad to be starting 2019 as the person I once was and I’ve got Ian to thank for that”.

Anon 29/01/2019

default image

Found opening up easy due to his calming manner






“Having had counselling many times in the past, which was “OK”, I found myself needing it again and was recommended by a GP to try Ian Innes.

I am so glad I did, I was so relaxed and found opening up easy due to his calming manner and professionalism. I could write an essay on the positive reasons why you should give it a go. “My Demons” are exorcised and I feel in control. Thank you Ian”.

FBWB 22/01/2019

default image

Non judgemental


“Ian was very good at allowing me to see the bigger picture of the situation I found myself in.

He is non judgemental and made me feel better about myself”

Mrs. A. 15/01/2019

default image

“….enabled me to freely discuss my most deep seated problems.”






“I would highly recommend Ian Innes to anyone seeking counselling.

His non-judgemental approach enabled me to freely discuss my most deep seated problems. His empathy in turn led to me feeling more accepting and forgiving of myself.

After leaving each session with Ian, despite discussing painful issues, I always felt happy and hopeful. I could clearly see I had made progress, week after week.

I am grateful to Ian for his part in helping me to live a much happier and healthier life”

SJC 17/10/2018

default image

“His style of counselling helped me open up….”

“I would like to thank Ian for helping me get back on track. His style of counselling helped me open up and deal with my problem. I found Ian very easy to talk with and would highly recommend him to anyone”

JMC 21/09/2018

default image

“Magnificent results…”

“I would highly recommend Ian to anyone. Ian exhibited that he could be trusted by emphasising confidentiality was paramount and what was said in the room stayed in the room. From the outset Ian was warm, approachable and encouraging and I could see he was invested in my success.

Ian displayed empathy and concern; he had the ability to truly imagine what it was like to stand in my shoes. This in turn made me feel understood and heard. Ian noticed the subtle nuances within my voice tone and body language and his additional skills such as active listening and reflection encouraged me to share repressed thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Ian communicated understanding and acceptance of powerful emotions that were being discharged within the room and had the ability to relate with an open, non-judgemental attitude, accepting me for who I was with my situation. Ian was able to ‘start where I was at’ and patiently waited for me to open up, he was a realist who recognised the long standing and maladaptive  behaviours I displayed could not be quickly unlearned and he patiently guided me in the process of self-discovery. Magnificent results which made me end procrastinating and move on with life.”

Nicola 02/09/2018

default image

“My time spent with Ian was great…”

“My time spent with Ian was great and really helped me get back to some kind of state of mind and I got a lot off my mind that I had never talked about, thanks a lot Ian

Thanks a lot


Stephen 11/08/2018

default image

“easy to speak to”.

“Ian was very welcoming and easy to speak to. He helped my confidence and to overcome anxiety I was experiencing. Would highly recommend!”

AC 27/06/2018

default image

Highly recommended, great results

“Ian provides a confidential, one to one friendly service.
Highly recommended, great results”

MM 15/06/2018

default image

“I was able to open up to him”

“Ian put me at my ease and I was able to open up to him and get the help I needed at a time of crisis in my life. After only a few sessions I felt “normal” again. There was no judgement, only support and encouragement.

I would recommend Ian to everyone and would definitely see him again, should the need arise”.

Anon 24/05/2018

default image

“Well worth going”

“It was good to talk to someone rather than family. Got a lot of good pointers where to go in dark time.

Well worth going”.

Anon 23/05/2018

default image

“I was scared to admit to anyone that I needed help”

“Before Ian’s help, I was scared to admit to anyone that I needed help. He was very welcoming and patient – as it took a good few weeks for me to open up. He helped me to accept issues in my past, and finally got me believing that my past does not define who I am today and that I need to start believing in myself. I was always worrying about what other people thought of me and was such a ‘people pleaser’ – but with Ian’s help I am now able to put myself first.

Ian also helped me grieve for the loss of my mother. During our sessions, he helped by listening and through talking things over it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had counselling with Ian for about 8 months and I’m now a more confident and happy person.

Since having counselling I have experienced more grief but because of Ian’s help, I was able to talk about my feelings with others which I would never have done before”.

Kirsty Weir 19/05/2018

default image

“He hears you. Without judgement.”

“In my experience (and in my humble opinion), there is a massive difference between a Counsellor and a Person Centred Counsellor. It’s difficult to define, but what Ian does is more than just listen. He hears you. Without judgement. There’s no unrealistic targets or complex thought processes suggested. You come away from his sessions lighter. More free. He reminds you of not only who you are, but what you are. And that is worthy of 5 stars!”.

DM 17/05/2018

default image

“Very positive with reports of significant gains from these sessions”

“Ardach Health Centre hosted Ian Innes as part of his 100 hours supervised counselling training. During that time we encouraged self-referral of patients whom we felt would benefit from a counselling intervention. The feedback to date has been very positive with reports of significant gains from these sessions.”

Ardach Health Centre 17/05/2018

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